Kangaroo Island Getting There

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Getting to Kangaroo Island is possible by a number of ways, whether you wish to fly, drive or take a coach tour to the island. All throughout the year people enjoy the sights and delights of this remarkable island and all it has to offer, with its pristine surrounds, beautiful wineries, wildlife and beaches. Kangaroo Island is one of the last remaining islands that still remains barely untouched from the outside world where sea lions laze on the beach, kangaroos graze in the grass, where you can see penguins and a variety of many other sea and land animals all in their natural habitat.

Leaving from Cape Jervis four times a day are two luxurious ferries that can take small and large cars to and from Kangaroo Island. You can bring your boat, caravan or drive your motorhome onto the ferry which will take you across to the island which will take you around 45 minutes. The boat will dock you at Penneshaw which is one of the main towns on the island where you can easily find your way to the desired location.

Getting to Cape Jervis can be done with an easy drive from Adelaide whether you self drive or take a coach connection from the bus terminal and there are also connections departing and arriving at Goolwa. During the busy periods and peak holiday seasons, the ferry runs a few more routes during the day to keep up with the growing number of tourists making their way to the island but always make sure you book your spot on the boat so you can secure a ride over to the island, never leave it to the last minute. Once on the island there are island connection buses that can take you to two other destinations, Kingscote and American River but apart from this transportation there is no other way to get around so you will either need to book onto a tour or hire your own car once you arrive here if you don’t already have one.

There are also 30 minute flights leaving to and from the Adelaide Airport that will take you to the airport in Kingscote where you can have your nominated place of accommodation ready to transport you once your touchdown. However there is also an Airport Shuttle bus that can take you into Kingscote or any other place of accommodation on Kangaroo Island. There are also coaches leaving from Melbourne that will take in a number of famous sights along the way and ending on Kangaroo Island.

Getting to Kangaroo Island is easy, whether you wish to drive yourself and jump on the ferry across to the island, book a seat on the plan that will take you to the airport that is 13km out of Kingscote or you can arrange for a seat on a coach. Make your way through South Australia or Victoria and take in the sights of Kangaroo Island as well with a number of great tours that you can book onto, depending on how much time you have up your sleeve.

Kangaroo Island is a must see holiday destination, but make sure you secure all of your travel details, from your accommodation, transfers, tours and make all of your arrangements on how to get to the island well before your travel date so you don’t miss out.