Best Bakeries In South Australia

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Best Bakeries In South Australia & Adelaide

South Australia is home to a thriving artisanal bakery scene. From Adelaide to the Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island to the Limestone Coast, talented bakers are showcasing local produce in their freshly baked goods. 

Rustic sourdoughs, flaky croissants, melt-in-your-mouth pastries, and perfect cakes tempt visitors strolling through historic towns. Beyond bread, the iconic Australian meat pie and indulgent vanilla slice also reach new heights in South Australia.

In this article, we’ll highlight the must-visit bakeries across the state. You’ll find spots serving exceptional baked goods made with care and premium local ingredients. 

Farm-fresh eggs, cultured butter, freshly milled flour, just-picked berries, and more transform into loaves and pastries bursting with flavour. Read on for the best bakeries to add to your itinerary for tasting South Australia’s incredible produce from paddock and orchard to plate.


Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills Australia Close Up Of Meat Pie
Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills Australia Close Up Of Meat Pie

Bread & Butter Project, Adelaide

In the Adelaide the capital of South Australian, Bread & Butter Project specialises in handcrafted sourdough breads and pastries. Husband and wife co-owners Emilio Pane and Saskia Beer focus on traditional artisanal techniques for depth of flavour.

Their naturally leavened sourdough loaves have beautiful crusts and complex tang. Adelaide Hill flours, filtered rainwater, and sea salt create the foundation. Beyond sourdough, croissants, cinnamon scrolls, fruit danishes, tarts, and more fill their bakery cases daily.

In addition to baked goods, Bread & Butter Project serves exceptional coffee and light breakfast and lunch fare. Try their avocado and feta smash on sourdough or BLT with housemade bacon. Their lunch salads and toasties also hit the spot.

With indoor and outdoor seating, it’s easy to linger over a coffee and pastry. Treat yourself to something sweet, grab a wholesome bite, and experience one of Adelaide’s best bakeries.

Mrs Beck’s Bakery, Tanunda

For country hospitality and baked goods, visit Mrs Beck’s Bakery in the Barossa Valley’s town of Tanunda. This historic bakery opened in 1945 and today preserves old-fashioned baking traditions.

Their wood-fired brick oven turns out fresh loaves of sourdough, rye bread, fruit loaf and more daily. Also, try their Anzac biscuits, vanilla slices, and fruit pies bursting with locally grown apples, peaches, and berries. Savoury bacon and egg or steak pies make a hearty lunch.

Everything at Mrs Beck’s is made from scratch using local ingredients when possible. Their Partney’s butcher shop next door supplies the meat for pies and sausages. 

Eggs come from nearby farms. During fruit season, they pick berries only hours before baking them into turnovers and galettes.

In addition to amazing baked goods, Mrs Beck’s preserves the country’s hospitality and warmth of its early days. 

Stop by their cozy cafe for breakfast or lunch featuring housemade soups, sandwiches, and more. With 4 generations of family ownership, it’s no wonder Mrs Beck remains a cherished community treasure.

Die Foodie Pie Co., McLaren Vale

Die Foodie Pie Co. is on a mission to make Aussie meat pies incredible. Located among the wineries of McLaren Vale south of Adelaide, this specialty pie shop raises the humble meat pie to new heights.

Their pies burst with high-quality fillings like slow braised beef cheek with thyme, free-range chicken in red wine jus, or smoked trout with leek and dill. Wrapped in their flaky, buttery housemade pastry, each bite delivers comfort and flavour.

In addition to Aussie-style meat pies, Die Foodie Pie Co. expands the concept with creations like Brazilian picanha steak pie, Thai green chicken pie, and Moroccan lamb with couscous pie. Vegetarian options are available too.

Die Foodie Pie Co. serves seriously good pies in a fun, laid-back setting. Grab a pie in the high speed oven for lunch on a winery day tour, or stop by for Friday night pie, wine, and live music. This youthful bakery brings a fresh sensibility while remaining true to the meat pie’s hearty deliciousness.

Shingleback Farm, McLaren Vale

For baked goods straight from the oven, visit Shingleback Farm just outside McLaren Vale. Their on-site orchard provides berries, stonefruits, and citrus used in the just-baked pies, tarts, scones and more in their farm bakery.

Come during berry season, and you’ll find shelves filled with boysenberry pies, raspberry galettes, and mixed berry friends. Apple, peach, pear, and mixed citrus pies starring their orchard fruits are also available in season. 

Sweet and savoury pies, frangipane tarts, vanilla slices, and freshly baked bread tempt daily as well. Shingleback Farm uses as many of its own fruits, vegetables, eggs, and honey as possible for the ultimate fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

Enjoy your bakery treats under the trees, wander through the gardens bursting with produce, and watch hens clucking about. It’s a charming farm experience paired with exceptional baking.

Best Bakeries In South Australia & Adelaide
Best Bakeries In South Australia & Adelaide

Bay Discoveries Cafe, Penneshaw

On the north coast of Kangaroo Island, Bay Discoveries Cafe is a local favourite for baked goods. The beachfront cafe’s display cases overflow with giant scones, flaky pastries, vibrant macarons, and artisanal bread.

Their savoury options shine with pies like chicken, leek and mushroom or chunky steak and Guinness. Sweet pies, tarts, and galettes brimming with KI berries, stone fruits, and citrus are not to be missed. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try their chocolate caramel tart, passionfruit cheesecake, or vanilla slice piled with fresh cream.

Everything is baked fresh daily on-site. Quality local ingredients like Kangaroo Island honey and wheat are used when possible. The shepherd’s hut cafe exudes beachside charm with whitewashed walls and turquoise accents. 

Relax on their patio overlooking the water or take goodies for beachside picnics. For exceptional baked goods on KI, Bay Discoveries Cafe is a must.

Mrs Smart’s Cafe, Burra

In the historic copper mining town of Burra, Mrs Smart’s Cafe charms visitors with old-world hospitality and baking. The 1860s cottage-turned bakery and cafe specialises in homemade cakes, pies, and pastries.

Their traditional Cornish pasties with chunky steak, potato, onion, and turnip are a specialty. Sweet pies, tarts and pastries brim with peak seasonal fruits like rhubarb, peaches, and berries make up their beautiful desserts

To taste their whipped cream-filled vanilla slice is bliss. Enjoy slices of decadent chocolate cake, carrot cake, and fruit crumbles too.

The cozy setting amidst English-style gardens makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Friendly hosts pour tea and coffee to accompany your baked treats by the fireplace. For a unique historic bakery experience paired with delicious baking, visit Mrs Smart’s Cafe.

Lovely Crumb, Mount Gambier

Nestled in Mount Gambier’s picturesque Blue Lake region, Lovely Crumb is a beloved bakery and cafe. Their artisanal loaves, pastries, cakes, and pies meld global influences with South Australian ingredients. This amazing chef quality foods are amazing!

Sourdough, spelt bread, bagels, and fruit loaves emerge daily from their brick ovens. Croissants, cinnamon rolls, tarts, and cookies tempt from glass cases. Lovely Crumb’s own small batch of cherry and blueberry jams star in pastries.

While you’ll find bakery classics, Lovely Crumb also features unique regional fare. Try their duck and pine mushroom pie, lime and pepper berry sourdough, or native pepper berry macarons. Seasonal fruits fill their galettes and friends with summer berries and autumn apples.

Lovely Crumb epitomises South Australia’s thriving artisanal food scene. Delight in their creative baked goods while taking in views of Mount Gambier’s stunning Blue Lake from their cafe. It’s a gem well worth a detour off the Limestone Coast.


From hearty meat pies to indulgent vanilla slices, South Australia’s bakeries showcase the state’s high-quality local produce. Talented bakers transform fresh ingredients into exceptional loaves, pastries, cakes, and more. 

Visiting these bakeries offers a delicious taste of both South Australia’s thriving food culture and natural bounty. With such an array of incredible baking, it’s impossible to leave unsatisfied.


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