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The Murray River is Australia’s second largest river, the first being that of the Darling, at 2,530 kilometres and flowing west then south to meet the Southern Ocean in South Australia. Its basin area is appoximately 1,057,000 square kilometres and comprises three-quarters of New South Wales, over one-half of Victoria, a small portion of South Australia, and an area of Queensland greater than the total area of Victoria.

While the Murray River flows through several states it holds a special place in South Australia for those regions in which it flows through, these include the Murraylands and Riverlands areas. It plays host to a wide range of life including a diverse range of flora and fauna. These include a variety of native fish such as famous Murray cod, trout cod, golden perch, and other aquatic species like the Murray short-necked turtle, Murray River crayfish, claw-less Parataya shrimp, water rats and Platypus. The river red gum lines its banks and is one of the three dominant tree species found on the Murray-Darling Basin’s floodplain, the others being Black Box and Coolibah, while other species such as the common reed, Cumbungi or bull rush and Juncus spp are found through out the basin..

The Murraylands section of South Australia is an excellent place to experience the wonders the river offers. Riverland has an atmosphere of freshness. The region is alive and productive and evokes a strong sense of life, it offers many unique experiences in just the one place.

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