Clare Valley Activities

From kids activities, to adventure sports, relaxing pass times, water activities and beach fun, you can find plenty of things to keep you occupied in the Clare Valley. it doesn’t matter if you are looking for something for the whole family, a romantic afternoon, something to get the blood pumping a little or enjoy the sights and delights of the region, find an activities or two to fill up your days.

Browse the farmers markets on the weekends, base your holiday around one of the annual events, festivals, races and music concerts that make their way through Clare Valley each year, visit the galleries, heritage buildings and museums to soak up a little of the history surrounding Clare Valley and its surrounds or do some shopping. There are different dining venues to enjoy from cafes, bars, pubs, taverns and vineyard restaurants to antique stores, boutiques and arts and crafts so you can find some interesting things to buy along the way.

Take the kids through a maze and get yourselves lost for a couple of hours, visit the wildlife sanctuary, have a picnic in one of the parklands or BBQ areas, take a bicycle ride along one of the scenic routes and hire as many bikes as you need or take the kids along the Riesling Trail to do some sightseeing. You can enjoy the Clare Valley on your own watch or you can choose to join your choice of tour whether it be a four wheel driving tour, luxury coach tour, walking tour or cruise. You can play a round of golf, enjoy Lake Inchiquin and the mini railway that you can ride on, do a canoe ride on the lake or go swimming with the kids. There are walking tracks all throughout Clare Valley that all vary in distance so strap on your hiking shoes and go exploring. Visit historic mining towns, spend the day at the Samphire Coast where you can go fishing, swimming and snorkelling and even see if you catch the famous Blue Swimmer Crabs for dinner.

Take in the wineries in the area, visit a few of the cellar doors, dine at the beautiful vineyard restaurants and walk through the vines for something romantic. You can take to the skies for scenic flight or hot air balloon ride to watch the sunset while drinking champagne, take a tour of a winery to see how it all works, visit an olive grove or cheese factory. There are museums, historic buildings, history that is literally engraved into the soil and old still standing buildings and stories that date back hundreds of years to soak up.

You can take a drive to the old settlements that were the first in the region, tour through working mines, play a game of tennis or just kick back and relax. The list of activities that you can look forward to when holidaying in the Clare valley is simply endless, so if you are looking for something to do, you can be sure you are going to find it here. From relaxation, food and wine tasting, gourmet cooking classes, tours, sightseeing, water sports and adventure activities, fill up your days with so much fun and excitement that you simply will not want it to end.

Clare Valley is the ideal place for any holiday, so plan it now, pack your bags and discover a holiday destination that is brimming with attractions and activities that you are certainly going to need more than just a couple of days to experience it all in!