Eyre Peninsula Diving

Some of the best diving that you will ever experience can be done right off the shore from the Eyre Peninsula, where the waters are teeming with marine life, fish and coral reefs, where you can swim and dive until your heart is content and experience some of the most sought after tourist attractions that Australia has to offer. With temperate waters pretty much all year round, you will have ever chance to dive into the waters to explore and see what lies beneath the water level for yourself.

Whether you have your own boat or wish to join one of the diving charters that depart from many different locations along the coastline within the coastal communities and towns, there are many ways in which you can see what the diving in these waters is all about. You can hire your own dingy and diving equipment and make your way out to shallow reefs for the day by yourself or easily launch your own boat at many accessible boat ramps where you will also find a place to park your car and trailer.

There are also many charter operators that run regular diving adventures that you can book onto that venture out to the deeper waters for a day of fun. Whether you just wish to snorkel around or dive the reefs, you can do both with ease. There are also many other diving opportunities for you to enjoy while you are here, that you will not find anywhere else! You can go diving with the dolphins and sea lions at Baird Bay and watch them perform amazing tricks around you or perhaps you might be interested in swimming with the Australian giant cuttlefish that use the waters just off Whyalla as their spawning grounds between the months of May through to August.

You can travel to Port Lincoln and join a diving charter that will let you swim with the huge tuna that are caught in these waters which is an experience not to be missed and if you are lucky enough, depending on when you go diving off the coast of the Eyre Peninsula might also be fortunate enough to see the migrating whales as they pass on by between the months of June and September. From diving with cuttlefish, dolphins, sea lions and tuna on top of many great diving adventures closer to shore where you and the kids can explore beautiful shallow reefs, you can spend a great amount of time see what the waters off the Eyre Peninsula have install for you.

For those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous, the Eyre Peninsula is also famous for one more thing…. and that is cage diving with Great White Sharks. Dive down and come face to face with these awesome creatures for a once in a life time opportunity where you can marvel and these formidable creatures from just an arm’s length away. Really get your adrenalin pumping with a number of excellent diving charters that offer this experience and cap off your holiday with one of the Eyre Peninsula’s greatest attractions.

There are many diving adventures to be had when holidaying in the Eyre Peninsula, so whether you are after something to get the blood pumping, something for a holiday with the kids or just to explore low lying reefs, there is the right diving adventure here waiting for you!