Kangaroo Island Holidays

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The third largest island in Australia, Kangaroo Island is one of those special places that will captivate you! With its stunning beauty, wildlife, luxury accommodation that is second to none and boasting the perfect getaway to escape to, holidays here at Kangaroo Island will be everything you have been dreaming about. Perfect for those romantic getaways or holidays with the kids, or just even stopping over if you are touring around the southern parts of Australia, Kangaroo Island will prove to be well worth the trip. Holidays here can be whatever you wish them to be, from pure indulgence and relaxation to one of adventures and fun where you can get out and about and see what the island has install for you.

Kangaroo Island is known the world over for its natural and stunning beauty and scenery as well as its flora and fauna that is scattered all over the island. With the Southern Ocean fringing its coastline and winds that have created a rugged limestone coastline and incredible rock formations over the years, there are caves, rocky bays and inlets for you to explore. Pristine beaches ribbon the island where you can walk, run and play and see a variety of sea animals from New Zealand fur seals, sea lions and penguins run freely on the beaches. Covering 4,500 square kilometres, Kangaroo Island is one of the last remaining islands of Australia where it remains barely untouched from the outside world and one third of the island has been declared Conservation or National Park with its rolling green hills to the north and the Mediterranean climate and abundance of wildlife and plant life, Kangaroo Island will be unlike anything you have ever seen.

There are many different types of Kangaroo Island accommodation that you can have the pleasure of staying at, some that don’t cost the earth but other where you can really indulge for your holiday and leave nothing to chance. Live like kings, have everything at your fingertips and enjoy holiday accommodation like you have never done before. Peerless seascapes from your private luxury suite that is based along the rugged cliff face that offers fine dining, luxury personified and 24 hour service, this is the start of what you can look forward to when you book into one of the luxury accommodation properties on Kangaroo Island.

There is wildlife spotting, hiking and walking trails to set out on, food and wine to sample, wineries to visit, azure blue waters to explore, boating, fishing and some of the country’s finest surfing and diving to be enjoyed here. Every outdoor activity can be found here on Kangaroo Island, from sailing trips to lazing under the warm summer sun, to going caving or visiting one of the many attractions such as the National Parks, the Penguin Pageantry, art galleries and more. Visit the place where pure Ligurian honey is produced, take a trip to the lighthouse, go quad biking or endulge in a day spa for a couple of hours. The kids will enjoy a range of fun filled activities, you can relax and put your feet up, honeymooners can take romantic sunset cruises and walks along the beach and thrill seekers will fill up their days with so much fun and excitement that you just won’t know where to start first.

Kangaroo Island is a place that is rich in diversity, natural beauty and one of the last remaining places that is unspoilt and will certainly leave its mark on you. With the variety of attractions and activities and wonderful accommodation, it is no wonder why getting to Kangaroo Island draws people here from all over the world every year.